By Trish Friend, Designated Broker and Sales Manager of Brookfield at Fox Creek
March 27, 2015


“What sets your homes apart from other builders?” That is the question I’m most frequently asked and I have many responses.  But the answer I always start with, and one that really makes a connection with potential homebuyers, is lifestyle.


Being part of a community, and one that supports your interests and passions is a big factor in a homebuyers’ decision. According to this survey by AARP, 67% of residents that are 45+ want to stay in their home for as long as possible because of what they’re community offers them. One way for master planned communities to support its community is through neighborhood amenities. Amenities can range from swimming pools, to hiking trails, to golf courses, to clubhouses, to fitness centers.


One of Brookfield at Fox Creek’s most popular amenities is our Social Activities Program, led by our Activities Director, Cathy Stubblefield.  One of the first “Welcomes” new residents get from Brookfield is a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” gift basket created by Cathy to let the homeowners know we appreciate them for choosing us and that we’re excited to have them in our neighborhood.


Residents of our Fox Creek community are invited to participate in one of Cathy’s many organized activities such as


  • Field trips (most recently we had a trip to the Salton Sea)
  • Classes (such as a leadership class)
  • Game time (such as Bunco, Canasta, and open cards)
  • And pot lucks!


For April, Cathy has planned a Burro BBQ, a trip to Death Valley, the Colorado River Concert, and much more!   To learn more about our Social Activities Program (or to suggest ideas for new activities) please contact me, Trish Friend, at 928-704-0525 or to make sure you’re added to Cathy’s email list.  Also be sure to visit our Facebook page for updates.


We look forward to seeing you at future events!


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