By Craig Neubaur, General Manager of Brookfield at Fox Creek
March 11, 2015


What expertise goes into determining your new home’s foundation?  And what is the foundation composed of?


Prior to building your new home the builder consults with an engineer to determine the specifications for the foundation of your house.  Throughout the country you will encounter variances in the soil which impacts the type of foundation best suited for a given home.  Foundations are poured based on the guidelines of the consulting engineer which help ensures your new home will be resting on a structurally sound foundation.


The foundation of your new home is poured concrete that has steel reinforcing rods.  The rods’ purpose not only improves holding the concrete together, but also provides extra support for the home’s heavy load.  Although the foundation is meant to hold such heavy loads, surface cracks may occur.  Most cracks are seen in flatwork, such as patios, driveways, and garage floors.  These are strictly cosmetic issues and aren’t detrimental to the structural integrity of the foundation.  Therefore, repair is not critical but there are DIY (do-it-yourself) steps to fix the cracks. 


As with any issues with your home, if you’re not sure about something you can call or talk with a foundation specialist.  If you own a Brookfield Communities home, the construction team is available for questions through its customer service number at 928-704-0550.


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