For decades, one unique sector of the housing industry has steadily continued to grow – master planned communities.

Master planned communities are residential developments that provide homeowners nearly everything they need for a happy life. Here is a little bit about the advantages of living in a master planned community.

Master planned communities are designed with the homeowner in mind. There is far more planning, research and conceptualizing that goes into the creation of a master planned community.

The developers familiarize themselves with potential homeowners specific preferences and lifestyles. As a result, the communities will have amenities that the residents actually want, and less of what they don’t need. Additionally, there is a continuity and sense of place throughout the entire community.

There are activities and amenities of which homeowners can take advantage. Some of these include pools, clubhouses, activity groups, fitness centers, clubs and walking paths. Homeowners receive some of the same benefits of living in an apartment complex, but without the cramped quarters. There is a lot more for people to do right in the neighborhood in which they live. They don’t have to go very far to enjoy themselves!

You can feel the sense of community. One of the things that make you feel great about where you live is the neighbors. And, the amenities like the clubhouse and activity groups make it easy to get to know the people that live around you. Many people come to the community because of a friend or loved one lives there already; oftentimes friends choose to build their homes directly next to one another. Neighbors go through a similar thought process in order to end up at a master planned community, and there is a sense of camaraderie that comes from choosing the same place to call home.

Homes in master planned communities are built to fit the homeowner’s individual needs. They choose their specific home site and neighborhood, and they have the choice of whether or not the want to live in an age restricted neighborhood. The homeowner also selects every detail within their new home, as well as all options and layout configurations. From the start, these homes, neighborhoods and communities are shaped around the likes and wishes of the people that choose to build and live there.

After moving into a master planned community, you will find yourself wondering how you ever lived in an average neighborhood!

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